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Things (Horror Stories, Full Length Movie, Horror Film, English Flick) movie free to watch

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Things - A woman kidnaps her husband's mistress and tells the mistress two horror stories involving evil things.

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Things (1993):
Directors: Dennis Devine, Eugene James
Writers: Mike Bowler (segment), Dennis Devine (segment)
Stars: Kinder Hunt, Maegen, Jesse Hernandez
Genres: Horror
Runtime: 1h 13min
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: October 1993 (USA)

In "The Wrap-Around Story", after a man leaves his mistress in their motel room, his wife sneaks in with a gun and ties the mistress up and forces the mistress to listen to two stories and critique them. The first is "The Box," and involves three hookers arriving in a mining town to move into a theater they bought to be their whorehouse. The town's mayor is upset, as he governs all the morals in the town. He has a box with a "thing" in it that people are afraid of: bad news for the hookers. The second is "Thing in a Jar," in which a woman keeps having vivid nightmares and visions of her husband mutilating her. She has a friend who encourages her to leave her husband, but it may not be that easy.

"I loved this movie. It definitely seems to be as low budget as possible while still being watchable. The frame story is terrible filmed and acted, but the two segments, especially "The Box", are really good and imaginative and surprisingly liberal. The series focused primarily on women, the first one was about prostitutes but they weren't buffoons and the film makers didn't seem to treat them like they were meant to be s*x symbols or anything. Which, considering it's a super low budget 90s horror film, you'd kinda figure the opposite. I get why people would hate it, and definitely don't expect anything even B quality. But I gotta say, I'd prefer this over a lot of the regular grade horror films. Things 2 is pretty good as well, but this one certainly takes the cake. The creature effects are really neat too. It just seems like a lot of love and heart was put into this movie, and being made in the early 90s, if anything it makes for an interesting watch." Written By davidmalaimo.

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