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Living Room Coffin (Full Comedy Movie, English, Free Film, HD, Drama) full length feature film

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Living Room Coffin (2018): In this dark comedy, a young woman has her quiet life turned upside down when she receives an empty coffin in the mail. She then sets off on a twisting journey to find out who sent it and why.

Director: Michael Sarrow
Writer: Michael Sarrow
Stars: Eden Riegel, Mark Boone Junior, Johnny Pemberton
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2018 (USA)
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres: Comedy | Drama

User Reviews (

"I did not read the other review prior to watching but a quick read afterwards had me agreeing. The acting was excellent and the lead actress, especially, was very good at presenting a believable crisis in her character's life. Thanks Jennifer!. The plot was odd but comfortable and the script was full of well written strange but humorous rapid patter which seemed real despite the surreal situation. The director kept the story moving along without any hitches or time for dwelling on how weird the narrative really was.
Sorry for the cryptic descriptions but I did not want to spoil the story.
This is a well crafted movie that I felt was well worth my time and recommend highly." Written by White Woof

"Funny, weird, great original story, well written dialogue. Everything I look for in a movie. In an age consumed by comic book movies, I wish there were more films like Living Room Coffin. Don't want to give away the twist, but I would definitely recommend this movie. Five stars for sure." Written by Mister Saint Laurent

"I just completed watching Living Room Coffin. The movie immediately grabbed me. The dialogue was filled with clever retorts, amusing quips, and fast sparring. I enjoyed the bizarre, slightly wacky joking that acts as the back drop for the main character's existential crisis. One of the scenes was too terrifyingly real, but offered laugh out loud moments to nicely balance it.

Jennifer Prediger was perfect for both the comedy and drama in the film. Although the actress is beautiful, I appreciated that her makeup and clothing are refreshingly restrained and lacked the usual 'Hollywood' over-the-top look.

Heather McIntosh's soundtrack was perfection. The pace of the movie helped me get into the characters and join with them as the story proceeded. I really enjoyed this movie" Written by Judith H.

"This movie is a great" Dark Comedy" that is a very intense character study. The lead actor, Jennifer Prediger gave a very heartwarming and fun-filled believeable performance which was unique in the sense of her ability to move through the movie in a decidedly care-free, but determined manner to research the arrival of her most unwanted gift. The supporting cast gave it a taste of reality and thoughtfully managed to encourage the plot to its exciting end.
The writer-director, Michael Sarrow, in his first full-length movie shows the many abilities he has in both writing and direction with his completely realistic view of the unexpected by making the mundane quite extraordinary.
A definite must-see- ***** stars" Written by betty b

"I really enjoyed watching Living Room Coffin. It goes beyond the obvious and represents a universal psychological struggle of the fear death. It also explores the ability to expose one’s inner self to be open and vulnerable in relationships. I felt it was very successful in bringing comedy to a dark and serious subject. Excellent acting by Jennifer Prediger, who played Iris. Her quirky personality was very engaging. Well written and interesting dialogue." Written by Stephen K.

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