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From Hell to Texas (Western Movie, DENNIS HOPPER, Full Length, English) free full movies on youtube

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Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English, starring DENNIS HOPPER: From Hell to Texas. From Hell to Texas is a 1958 Color by Deluxe Western film directed by Henry Hathaway and starring Don Murray and Diane Varsi. The supporting cast features Chill Wills and Dennis Hopper. It is based on the novel, The Hell-Bent Kid, by Charles O. Locke.

When ranch hand Tod Lohman accidentally kills the son of a powerful rancher, he panics and flees, but the rancher and his vengeful crew hunt Tod down.

Director: Henry Hathaway
Writers: Robert Buckner (screenplay), Wendell Mayes (screenplay)
Stars: Don Murray, Diane Varsi, Chill Wills

WIKIPEDIA: Tod Lohman is on the run from a posse. The ruthless land baron Hunter Boyd has sent men, including sons Otis and Tom, in pursuit of Tod for having killed another son. Otis Boyd stampedes horses toward Tod, but gunshots drive them in the opposite direction and Otis is trampled instead. Tod then gets the drop on Tom Boyd and insists he did not kill their brother, but before Tod can leave, Tom Boyd shoots his horse. On foot, Tod collapses near a river bank. He is found by kindly rancher Amos Bradley and daughter Juanita, who provide food and shelter. Juanita takes a liking to Tod, who is searching for his missing father and was brought up with Biblical lessons and principles by his mother. Tod departs but is soon surrounded by Hunter Boyd and his men. In gratitude for not shooting Tom Boyd when he had the chance, Hunter Boyd permits a horse and a four-hour headstart to Tod, then resumes the chase. Tod discovers that his father has died. A member of the posse shoots old man Bradley, which proves the last straw for Tod after having tried to turn the other cheek. But during a gun battle in town, Tom Boyd is engulfed by flames after a chandelier's crash. Tod's instincts take over. He saves the life of Tom, whose appreciative father Hunter finally calls off the feud.

This western stars Don Murray as a carefree cowpoke. Accidentally killing the son of a powerful land baron, Murray runs for his life, pursued by the dead man's vengeful brothers. The fugitive is sheltered by Chill Wills and falls in love with Wills' daughter.

The naive cowboy Tod Lohman accidentally kills the son of the powerful land baron Hunter Boyd. Tod runs for his life, pursued by the dead man's vengeful brothers. Tod shelters on the ranch of Amos Bradley and he falls in love with his daughter Juanita. However, Tod is concerned that he'll eventually have to leave when his pursuers catch up with him.

Schieß zurück, Cowboy (Originaltitel: From Hell to Texas) ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm (Western) aus dem Jahr 1958. Regie führte Henry Hathaway. Die Hauptrollen waren mit Don Murray, Diane Varsi, Dennis Hopper und Chill Wills besetzt. Das Drehbuch verfasste Robert Buckner, der den Film auch produzierte. Das Buch beruht auf dem Roman „The Hell Bent Kid“ von Charles O. Locke. In der Bundesrepublik Deutschland kam der Streifen das erste Mal am 23. Mai 1958 ins Kino.

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